How to deal with SQL Server Assertion Failure?

In recent time, if any database model is to be named that has truly become the choice of professional is SQL database. Its number of utility and ability to become a part of several web applications, this has turned out to be necessity of application programmers who believe working in professional environment. SQL databases are extensively used databases for backend support in web applications. In fact, for many programmers this has become an integral part of their required resource applications. SQL databases are undoubtedly a widely used database program, which has been integrated with lots of features. Each version of SQL is being empowered with a lot more options related to convenience of its uses and security to keep data as safe as possible. To work smartly, you need to have a robust database model to support you in every adverse condition.

However, errors and faults in such programs are just inevitable. You cannot simply avoid such phenomena no matter how vigilant you are. One such condition you can experience while trying to connect to a SQL Server with the SQL Server Enterprise Manager. You may fail to build connection; rather you encounter the following error message, which is followed by a SQL Server shut down:

sqlservr.exe - Application Error
The exception unknown software exception (0xe06d7363) occurred in the application at location 0x77e89b01. Certainly, it is frustrating especially when you are in the mid-way of your work or you are about to complete your work. You need not to worry, as solution does exist that can surely curb your situation.
Brief explanation of the cause This assertion can be only triggered if the recovery model option of the tempdb database was manually set to a value other than SIMPLE, by modifying the sysdatabases.status system table. It is important to note that modifying system tables in SQL Server is not supported and it may lead to unexpected product behavior.
Resolution to this trouble You can overcome this problem by obtaining the latest service pack for SQL Server 2000. This behavior is quite common in SQL Server version 2000. This problem was rectified in SQL Server 2000 Service Pack 1 and hence obtaining the latest version can resolve this trouble from root.
Workaround for the error If you set the tempdb to a SIMPLE recovery model, you can get rid of this error. You will be able to this by updating sysdatabases.status to eight (8).

Other than this error, SQL may behavior strange if there is any clue of corruption in the MDF file. If you determine any such sign, you need take help of professional MDF file recovery tool to repair MDF file. You can overcome this trouble, using SQL Recovery tool. The SQL database recovery software effectively recovers the deleted records, partly damaged records, which get saved in separate batch files. SQL Server Recovery creates the database rebuilding batch automatically, which helps database to recreated with ease. The tool also recovers Tables, Views, triggers, stored procedures etc. It also enables users to repair damaged unique keys, primary keys and foreign keys. In any case of inaccessibility to the SQL file, you can use SQL repair tool to successfully repair MDF file.


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